Get Inside Your Customer’s Head: Understanding the Value of Personas

CMC Advertising March 25, 2024
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Ever feel like your marketing just isn’t quite hitting the mark? You put all this effort into promoting your products or services – bought ads and all –  but people just aren’t biting like you’d hope?

You probably haven’t nailed down your customer personas yet. These little gems are the secret sauce for truly understanding your audience and crafting messages that actually resonate. Because at the end of the day, successful marketing is all about making real connections with real people.


What’s a Customer Persona?

Basically, a customer persona is a fictional character that represents one or more of your ideal customer types. It’s a no-stats-held-back look into who they are, what they want, and what makes them tick.

The more color and nuance you can add to these personas, the more tangible and human they become. Check out these examples:

Product/Business Persona Name Description
Fitness Apparel Emily the Elite Athlete
  • 28 years old, former D1 track athlete 
  • Corporate job, but working out is life  
  • Attends boutique fitness studios 3-5 times/week Wants maximum performance and style from workout gear 
  • Researches extensively, prioritizes technical fabrics/features 

“I need apparel that can keep up with my intensity.”

Home Security Systems Safety-First Steve
  • 47 years old in suburban neighborhood  
  • Paranoid about crime after neighbor’s home robbed  
  • Does tons of research to find most secure system  
  • Willing to pay premium for top technology  

“I can’t put a price on feeling totally protected.”

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Healthy Vinnie
  • 39 year old former meat-eater, looking to eat plant-based  
  • Focused more on personal health than animal rights  
  • Wants familiar, hearty meatless meals to start  
  • Convenience is a high priority with busy schedule  

“I need easy meals that feel filling without the meat.”

Travel Package Provider Samantha the Sensible Family Traveler
  • 42 years old, married with 3 kids under 12  
  • Focused on educational but fun family experiences 
  • Wants inclusive packages with kid-friendly activities 
  • Needs a balance of value and quality accommodations 

“We want to expose our kids to new cultures efficiently.”


How Customer Personas Can Guide Your Marketing

With lived-in, fully-fleshed-out personas, you can adapt practically every aspect of your business to speak your audience’s language.

Your website, ads, emails, social media content – all of it can be hyper-targeted. Let’s use “Samantha the Sensible Family Traveler” as an example. 

Based on her customer persona, we could try these tactics for different channels:


  • Create dedicated landing pages like “Cultural Family Adventures” and “Kid-Friendly Packages”
  • Highlight educational experiences and cultural immersion aspects of the itineraries
  • Feature family resort amenities like kids’ clubs, pools, and kid camps with visuals of families enjoying them
  • Package bundle options with kids pricing built-in labeled “Kids Included Pricing”
  • Blog sections with tips like “10 Ways to Keep Kids Engaged While Traveling”


  • Use vibrant imagery of multi-generational families experiencing activities and touring together
  • Ad copy like “Hassle-Free Family Vacations – The Kids Will Never Want to Leave”
  • Highlight packages with included kid-friendly tours, guides, and entertainment
  • Calls-to-action showcasing deals like “Kids Stay & Eat Free” package promotions


  • Dedicated “Family Travel Hacks” drip campaign
  • Package promotions labeled “All-Inclusive Family Getaways” with kids pricing
  • Themed campaigns like “Spring Break Memories That Last a Lifetime”
  • Tips and inspiration: “7 Best International Destinations for Kid-Approved Cultural Immersion”

Social Media

  • Behind-the-scenes reels and videos of family activities, kid camps, amenities at resorts
  • Showcase user-generated content from customers’ family vacation experiences
  • Interactive Story polls like “Where Should We Take the Kids Next Spring Break?”
  • Contests and giveaways of kid-friendly packages and accessories

So instead of some generic bland messaging, your marketing feels like it’s coming from someone who just gets it. Which makes your customers feel truly heard and understood as humans.

And that is marketing gold. When people feel that personal connection, they’re naturally more invested. More engaged, more likely to buy, more likely to become loyal brand advocates.


Harness the Power of Personas with Smart Market Research

Figuring out who your perfect customers are takes more than guesswork. That’s why our San Diego advertising agency digs deep with market research before anything else. 

Using advanced software, we’ll figure out who’s most likely to love your product, how your competitors are doing things, what your customers do online, and what’s hot in your industry.

Learn how we can customize this process for YOUR business– call 619-337-8088 or send us a message to book your free consultation.

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