Media Buying 101 How to Win with Ads

What is Media Buying? A Beginner’s Guide for Business Owners

By CMC Advertising | April 26, 2024

Imagine this: you’ve already got an awesome product or service.…

6 Ad Campaign KPIs Explained

Top 6 Ad Campaign KPIs That Actually Matter

By CMC Advertising | April 22, 2024

When you invest in an advertising campaign, you want to…

Customer Personas for Laser-Focused Marketing - cmc advertising 2

Get Inside Your Customer’s Head: Understanding the Value of Personas

By CMC Advertising | March 25, 2024

Ever feel like your marketing just isn’t quite hitting the…

Why Ads Are More Powerful with a Brand Story - cmc advertising 1

The Science of Storytelling: How Brand Stories Can Make Ads More Powerful

By CMC Advertising | March 18, 2024

We’ve all been there: bombarded by ads that wash over…


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